Windshield Chip Repair


One of the big negatives with living in a warm Mediterranean climate like we enjoy in the La Habra area of Southern California, is that for much of the year we do not get significant amounts of rain. This results in our busy freeways and highways getting more than their fair share of rocks and other debris that collects vice getting washed away. When the wind picks up, many times these materials can get flung in the air and impact the windshield of consumer automobiles chipping the glass. If this happens to you, you can avoid having to get a full car windshield replacement by seeking out a quality auto glass provider to perform a windshield chip repair service on your automobile. If you are in the market to fix the auto glass on your or a family member’s automobile, then you should consider giving us a call at La Habra Mobile Auto Glass. Our company has been doing business in the local area for more than 22 years and counting now. We have consistently been ranked in the top of all auto glass service providers in the local area, and we will never let you down. We specialize in the latest:

  • Windshield chip repair La Habra
  • Windshield chip repair Whittier
  • Windshield chip repair Yorba Linda

During our company’s more than two decades of taking good care of our customers, we have always put our client’s satisfaction first. This was the primary reason we started bringing a fully equipped auto glass repair shop to our customer’s desired location in the local area vice making them waste precious time sitting at our shop while our expert team of technicians fixes their auto glass. We also go out of our way to make sure that you see no extra charges or fees from taking advantage of our highly popular mobile glass repair service. We have found that most of our customers like to keep their costs down, so we try to extend the savings that we are able to achieve through our network of auto glass manufacturers to our clients. Most of our customers are simply amazed at how cheap our auto glass services are while adhering to manufacturer approved tools, parts, and materials for all aspects of our work. If you have any questions regarding our mobile repair service, please give our staff a call today. We will always give you a free estimate on our work, and look forward to working with you.